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How to use Social Media with an Exist­ing Strategy

October 28, 2010 | Comments Off

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Social Media is no longer a new word, though there is still a lot of new inno­va­tion asso­ci­ated with it. Often we read about hav­ing Social Media Strate­gies, which is ideal. But what hap­pens when one doesn’t have the resources to cre­ate a new strat­egy, but need to inte­grate it into an exist­ing strategy?

Strat­egy objec­tives and social media

Usu­ally when you are cre­at­ing a new strat­egy you would have to deter­mine what you want to achieve from Social Media. With an exist­ing strat­egy these already exist. Social media is a tool that you would use to achieve your objec­tives, just like the other tools you have in your arse­nal. You need to take a look at these objec­tives and think “can I achieve this using xyz social medium?”

Social media: think­ing out of the box

Some­times this requires you to think out of the box. Get cre­ative and inno­v­a­tive and write down your ideas. When you have your list put on your sen­si­ble and log­i­cal cap and look at the prac­ti­cal­i­ties involved in each of your ideas. Will they really work? What is involved? What is the cost? What is the time invest­ment? What resources do I have at my dis­posal? Now make a short list.

Choose and test your social media ideas.

From your short list pick one or more win­ners, which you think are most likely to help your cur­rent strate­gies, to test. Each busi­ness is dif­fer­ent. You can look to com­peti­tors or oth­ers to see how they are doing it for inspi­ra­tion too. But when it comes to your busi­ness it has to work within your envi­ron­ment and achieve your busi­ness objec­tives. What works best for you would need to be tested, espe­cially if you have not used the medium before. What you think may work great, may not work as well as you think and require a rethink about your approach. I think the test­ing approach is a great way to approach social media when it is not cer­tain that it will work.

Social media doesn’t suit all strategies.

Don’t use social media for the sake of it. If you feel that every­one is using it and think you must jump on the band­wagon and don’t think it through: It could fail mis­er­ably and taint future views on social media within your com­pany. Not all objec­tives can be achieved through social media. It is not the answer to suc­cess, but rather another great tool.

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