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facebookThe next log­i­cal step for me in my social media inves­ti­ga­tion was to see how I can use Face­book for busi­ness. Now Face­book and busi­ness has never been in the same sen­tence I ever uttered before. For me Face­book is per­sonal and a way I keep in con­tact my fam­ily and friends. My pri­vacy set­tings are the high­est I can set them. The thought of open­ing my fam­ily and per­sonal life to the world causes me to trem­ble (per­haps I’m an over pro­tec­tive mother). This is where I started scratch­ing my head and think­ing how do the two go together. This is what I found out:

Face­book for busi­ness is used to net­work pro­fes­sion­ally and build a data­base of pro­fes­sional con­tacts or fol­low­ers that ben­e­fit busi­ness, by those using it in this way. It is against Facebook’s terms of use to have more than one account; there­fore, if you have a per­sonal account you can not open a busi­ness account. You have to cre­ate a busi­ness page or advert/s from your per­sonal account. You can cre­ate lists in Face­book to sep­a­rate con­tacts that are busi­ness rather than per­sonal and alter your set­tings for these groups.

From my inves­ti­ga­tions peo­ple who are using Face­book to net­work pro­fes­sion­ally do is firstly cre­ate a page (click adver­tis­ing in the footer of your pro­file). A page can be busi­ness indus­try, organ­i­sa­tion, brand, prod­uct, artist, band or pub­lic fig­ure. You need to be sure your page is com­plete and rep­re­sen­ta­tive of your busi­ness image. Some peo­ple use these to cre­ate what is called a fan page for their prod­uct, organ­i­sa­tion, pub­lic fig­ure, etc.

They then join groups related to indus­tries or inter­ests that could help them to build their con­tact list. If you did this you would need to take part in dis­cus­sions (self pro­mo­tion can get you banned) and become part of the com­mu­nity. Once you start to get to know peo­ple you can start to connect.

Then lastly they keep their sta­tus updated – as men­tioned before there are tools out there that can update the sta­tus on all of your social mediums.

There is also the adver­tis­ing aspect on Face­book which pro­vides some feed­back on the demo­graph­ics of peo­ple click­ing on your ads. These ads are either CPC (pay per click) or CPM (pay per impres­sion). Face­book has over 300 mil­lion users based on infor­ma­tion on their adver­tis­ing page.

To see exam­ples of which pages have the most fol­low­ers you can see it on this Face­book sta­tis­tics page.

Star­bucks is the only busi­ness in the top 10 and even top 30. They have a cool map show­ing where all the Star­bucks are around the world, post events with video and live video chats. Their dis­cus­sion boards and wall is very active. If you look at their info they link to their web­site and start off their pro­file say­ing ‘Star­bucks has an unusu­ally human approach to business’.

Star­bucks is a prime exam­ple on how to use Face­book to B2C. As for B2B it would be all about pro­fes­sional Networking.

Lastly as far as mea­sur­ing Face­book goes, once again that depends on what you are try­ing to achieve. I found this inter­est­ing site when try­ing to find out whether there are any tools for mea­sur­ing Face­book. If you adver­tis­ing with Face­book there is infor­ma­tion avail­able to mea­sure that, but any other mea­sure­ment is rel­a­tive to your objectives.

Per­son­ally I think that if you are not a known brand, unless you can cre­ate some­thing incred­i­bly viral, you will spend a lot of time build­ing your fan page and get­ting involved in dis­cus­sions and groups to gain expo­sure and fol­low­ers. I don’t think Face­book would be one of my first options in my social media strat­egy but once my social media pres­ence was estab­lished I would cer­tainly con­sider it. Maybe I am short sighted, but to me it seems way too much time needed that can be used more effec­tively on other social media. Maybe, I like my pri­vacy too much and too con­ser­v­a­tive in that sense. Face­book is now fur­ther away on my hori­zon than when I started to investigate.

How­ever, if you have built your social media pres­ence and need a new chan­nel, I would def­i­nitely rec­om­mend it. After all Star­bucks has 4.5 mil­lion fol­low­ers – now wouldn’t that be nice.

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